I was most impressed last Friday to peruse the various posters, models, experiments and inventions which had been created for the Blinkbonnie House and Raymond House Science Fair. It was clear that many girls had developed new knowledge and built new skills in the creation of their entries and a passion for science was evident not only in the girls who had created something, but also in many of the girls viewing the Fair throughout the day.

Another highlight of my week has been meeting with a delegation of Year 1 students who booked an appointment to discuss various aspects of their proposed Blinkbonnie Celebration. The girls, equipped with clipboards and questions, had given a lot of thought to what they wanted to achieve through their event and after robust discussion about venue, food, budget and appropriate dress the girls were granted permission to move forward with their planning!

This evening I am very much looking forward to attending the opening night of the Senior School Production, Annie! It has been wonderful to feel the excitement building during the week as final touches have been added and girls have become familiar with the Clocktower stage for their performance. I congratulate the students, staff and parents who have come together to produce what I am sure will be a wonderful show!