This week I am in Washington DC with Deputy Principal, Ms Tracy Healy, presenting at the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Global Forum on Girls’ Education. Our presentation is titled “Girls Leading Girls” and highlights the world class cross-age programs that we have in place at Lowther Hall.

We have more than 30 programs at Lowther where older students lead or mentor younger students in learning, co-curricular activities, leading others or community service. Through these programs there are benefits for both the leaders (who develop a sense of purpose and worth due to the authentic nature of the leadership experience) and those being led (who are exposed to leaders who can inspire but who can also model recovering after setbacks and showing resilience in the face of challenge). The programs are underpinned by the work of Martin Seligman (of Positive Psychology and Authentic Happiness Fame) and Carol Dweck (known for her work on Growth Mindsets). We are incredibly proud to have the opportunity to share the wonderful work that we do here at school with colleagues from around the world.