As I was assisting my Year 7 class to get ready for their forthcoming assessments this week, I was reminded of the importance of organisation, preparation and repetition in learning. Establishing routines for home reading in the primary years assists girls to be able to manage increased homework requirements later on. As students transition into secondary school, nightly dedication to both homework and study becomes especially important for the consolidation of learning as well as for practice of skills.

Girls need enough time to complete set tasks and to review content in order to feel well prepared for their learning each day. Support from parents to establish nightly routines for completion of reading, homework, instrumental music practice and (from Year 7) study is very helpful in reducing student anxiety. Ensuring that girls can fit in any co-curricular activities and still have enough time to attend to homework and study requirements before a suitable bedtime is essential if students are to manage their learning without stress. Please do not hesitate to contact the School if you would like to discuss any aspect of your daughter’s home reading, homework or study routine.