Despite being a “short week” this week, a great deal has happened! I have been impressed with the way girls in Years 10, 11 and 12 have applied themselves to their mid-year examinations and made the most of this opportunity to get feedback about their progress in each of their subjects. Learning the best ways to prepare and building confidence in timed conditions are just two of the benefits that we see girls take away from the examination experience. I have enjoyed hearing updates from our Year 9 trips in Central Australia and Vietnam and have been delighted to know that girls are soaking up the many new experiences to which they are being exposed. In Raymond House there has been growing excitement about the auditions for the forthcoming production as well as an enormous enthusiasm for various learning tasks, such as the Year 6 entrepreneurial project, which have been taking place. In Blinkbonnie House I have enjoyed hearing from the girls about their various investigations and inquiries, and particularly was impressed with the work that was presented by the Year 1 students in assembly about their sculpture making after their recent inspirational visit to the Heide Gallery. Today I will be joining other Heads of Anglican Schools from across Victoria as we meet with the Archbishop to discuss pertinent issues for our various communities. Sharing with other Principals often leaves me reflecting on the strength and generosity of our own community and I am sure that today will prove no exception to this.