Today is an exciting day for girls across the School! Girls in Year 9 have returned from their adventures in Central Australia, Years 7 and 8 girls have the final day of their Semester 1 classes before beginning Semester 2 next week, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have completed their mid-year examinations and most students in Blinkbonnie House and Raymond House are looking forward to their “Disco” which will take place after school today! Yesterday I enjoyed visiting the Year 11 girls during their city based Conference and hearing them reflect on the experiences they were engaged in preparation for their roles as leaders of the School in 2020.

This conference commenced with a panel style forum featuring Old Grammarians from across a variety of career paths and I was incredibly proud to hear these women speak about the ways they had lived out the values instilled in them at Lowther Hall as they had made their respective ways in the world. Be that through volunteer service overseas as a nurse or by working to assist low income and disadvantaged groups with financial management, the theme of non nobis solum stood out as a strong theme. 

On Thursday I joined members of the Earlsbrae Circle – the group of past and present parents, school council members and staff who have supported the School through service and time, for a tour of Bishopscourt – the residence of the Archbishop of Melbourne. It was a joy to see through this historic building and the beautiful gardens and to hear about the various clergy and special guests who have walked in this special space. I was particularly interested to hear more about Archbishop Lowther Clarke – Founder of our School and a number of other significant Bishops and Archbishops who have lived at Bishopscourt. We were joined by one of the authors of our forthcoming, updated history of the School, Ms Claire Levi, and there were many stories related to Lowther Hall that were able to be shared.

As we head into the final week of term, I remind parents that the holiday break affords a good opportunity to attend to matters of uniform. ALL skirts and dresses must be knee length – no shorter or longer. We appreciate your support in maintaining our uniform standards and ask you to attend to the hems of any uniforms that do not comply with this requirement.