It was wonderful to welcome the girls back to school for Term 3 on Wednesday and I enjoyed meeting with them in each of their respective assemblies through the morning where we greeted new girls and staff, sang together, gave thanks for the break and focussed ourselves for the term ahead. Presenting a “Lowther Bear” to new members of the School community is always a lovely ritual and this term I was pleased to be welcoming 3 new students and 4 new members of staff as well as 4 students from our sister school in Osaka, who will be spending an extended period of time with us during Term 3 in Year 9. This is a new aspect of our relationship with the Shin Ai School, which facilitates longer exchanges, allowing opportunities for girls at both schools to really immerse themselves in the life of another country and build their language skills for more than just a few weeks. Of course, this requires families in Japan and at Lowther Hall to open their homes for hosting, and I would like to thank all the families who are hosting our long term exchange students as well as those who will host the girls who are about to arrive as part of the regular 2 week study tour. You are truly demonstrating the spirit of non nobis solum within our community.

I also spoke to the girls about their ongoing work to develop The Qualities of the Lowther Hall Girl and congratulated them for the fine efforts they had shown in this department already this year. I am very proud of them! Another message I shared was in relation to the uniform. I encouraged the girls to make sensible choices about what to wear and to select items that were “fit for purpose”. The new wardrobe has been designed to contain a variety of options to keep the girls warm in the colder months, and girls who are still wearing the “old” uniform” can stay warm by wearing the winter skirt with tights. Please ensure that your daughter has enough items to select from across the week, depending on her schedule, the temperature and her personal preference. It is not acceptable for girls to add “odd” items to the uniform in order to stay warm, rather than add additional layers of approved uniform. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated. Also, whichever uniform is worn, it must be worn well! Please help us to ensure that skirts and dresses come to the knee – not above OR below and that all uniform items are in good repair. I am sure it will be a great term and I look forward to seeing many families at the various events as they unfold.