This week has been full of highlights. Firstly, on Wednesday I joined the Raymond House and Senior School Captains, Faith and Worship leaders, Heads of School and Chaplains to attend the Anglican School’s service at St Paul’s Cathedral. This biennial event brings together Anglican schools from across Victoria to celebrate and pray together with the Archbishop and regional bishops. On Friday, Lowther Hall hosted principals and chaplains of Anglican schools for a workshop led by Reverend Doctor Daniel Heischman, the head of Episcopal (Anglican) schools in America, who is visiting from New York. We discussed a range of matters including: faith, worship, pluralism, character and service as they pertain to Anglican schooling. It was a very worthwhile morning. Rev Dr Heischman also enjoyed attending chapel with the Blinkbonnie House and Raymond House girls in the afternoon.

In Blinkbonnie House, the celebration of 100 days of school for our Prep girls was another highlight, with the students spreading “100 acts of kindness” across the School at the start of the day. They brought smiles to the faces of many staff and older girls as they shared their special greetings and cards with members of our school community and receiving my card from the girls was certainly a heart-warming moment for me! In assembly in the afternoon, each girl shared an aspect of learning so far this year before receiving her special certificate. I felt incredibly proud to reflect on the way in which each Prep girl has started her formal school journey and look forward to following that journey for many years to come.

In Senior School it has been a week of great excitement with the election of the 2020 Prefect body. This is always a very emotional time for me, as there is the joy to be felt for the girls who are elected into positions as well as the profound disappointment to be felt for the girls who miss out. It is such a brave thing to put yourself forward for a leadership position and I heartily congratulate all girls who stood for Prefect positions this year. I am proud of each one of them. We will have an opportunity to formally thank our outcoming Prefect body and commission our 2020 prefects next term.

As I reflect on all these events, I can’t help but think how fortunate I am to lead such a wonderful community.