This week I am writing from Hobart where I am attending the Anglican Schools’ Conference. The theme for the conference is “Awe and Wonder” and I have enjoyed hearing various speakers reflect on this theme in the context of Anglican schooling.

Some of these so far have included: Mr John Zechendorf, the first Tasmanian to climb Everest, speaking about seeing God in the spectacular natural environment and the role of faith in doing hard things; Dr Paula Gooder, Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, sharing her thoughts about the idea of God as a being that evokes awe and why the ‘fear of God’ is an important part of faith; Professor Rufus Black, Vice Chancellor at the University of Tasmania, exploring the role of “place” and helping us to think about the ways in which where we live in the world impacts our quality of life and what responsibilities we have in relation to this. I am sure it will continue to be a challenging and thought provoking few days! As the leader of a learning community it is invigorating to be a learner myself and to spend time wrestling with new ideas and considering concepts that are important for our girls to interact with as well.