This week saw the last day of classes for our Year 12s, the Class of 2019. We recognised them in formal assemblies, watched them throw their hats of the Mansion balcony and at the end of the week they will be farewelled at their Valedictory Dinner. I was particularly impressed that this year, that the girls decided to celebrate their final day with a range of inflatable jumping castles and slides, rather than by messing up their school! It was delightful to watch them arrive in their costumes and enjoy dancing on the Mansion stairs as we shared breakfast together on Wednesday.

The Valedictory Service was probably the most moving of the celebrations that was shared with the girls this week and at the end of the service, they carried candles, lit from the altar candle out of the Cultural Centre, representing them carrying their light out into the world beyond Lowther Hall. I spoke to the girls about the fact that I believe we are sending out young women who are well equipped to shine light into our sometimes dark world. These are girls who are clear about their values, values that they have encountered at their Anglican school, which they have found in their homes and which they have honed through their friendships and experiences. They have all had people in their lives – some in their families, some here at school – who have believed in them and who have supported and encouraged them in this development. Our world needs thoughtful people. It needs curious people. It needs confident people. But more than anything, our world needs people of integrity, with values that shine light into dark places. I am confident that the class of 2019 who have had this start in life that we have witnessed here at Lowther Hall, can do just this and I look forward to following the journey of each one of them as she makes her mark on the world in her own special way.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes