I am always impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of our girls. In recent days I have seen them throwing themselves into Aladdin rehearsals, signing up for 42nd Street auditions, stepping up to speak in Assembly, studying for examinations, embracing the challenges of camps and engaging with their learning. In order to sustain this energy and pace, rest is very important.

I hope that over the coming long weekend, girls and families will take the time to rest and recharge the batteries, ready to return on Wednesday with renewed vigour! Many girls will also use the additional days at home to consolidate learning and undertake revision for forthcoming examinations. As always, families can support the girls in this process by ensuring that on-line distractions are minimised during periods of study, with phones switched off or moved away, internet disabled after essential resources are downloaded and all notifications turned off. Assisting girls to work in regular, short intense bursts rather than long semi-productive periods, can also be very helpful. Maintaining regular exercise and sleep is also a must!

I hope that you enjoy the slower pace afforded over the days ahead and please encourage girls to do likewise! 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes