This week it has been joyous to once again hear the sound of girls in the grounds and buildings of Lowther Hall as we have welcomed our Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 12 and some Year 11 students back on site. Girls have adjusted seamlessly to the new routines of sanitising, handwashing, temperature testing and distancing and have very much enjoyed seeing each other and their teachers again. It was a joy to see the Blinkbonnie girls dressed up for their THRASS day on Wednesday and also to see all girls across K to 6 enjoying their Muisca Viva incursion on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing more cohorts return over the next week. Thank you to all parents who have supported us with staggered drop off and pick up times and to the families who are continuing to support girls who are still learning remotely.

As girls begin to return on site and the weather gets colder, it is a good time to ensure that they have as many warm items as they need from the school wardrobe – available from our uniform supplier, Noone Imagewear. With many windows being opened and doors being propped, it will be cooler than usual at school and it is strongly recommended that the girls have tights or pants as well as a jumper and blazer to supplement their other uniform items. Also, the next few weeks will be the final opportunity to donate pieces of the old, phased out uniform to a school in Tanzania. Please send any unwanted items of old uniform to the relevant Reception area with your daughter and we will arrange for the final shipment to be sent. There is much to look forward to as we continue our transition back to on site learning. I am particularly looking forward to the continuation of our on line music concerts and, of course, to seeing the rest of the girls in person!