As I write today, we are all back in “remote” mode as our school undergoes a deep clean! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the speed with which they have adjusted to the various changes and challenges that the start of Term 3 has already brought in its very first week! The many messages of support and encouragement that have been sent in by families have been of great comfort and I have very much appreciated families taking the trouble to write in with their positive feedback.

When I spoke to the start at the commencement of the term I talked about the idea that in times of change it can be important to hold onto the solid “rocks” that ground us: our shared mission to give the Lowther Hall girls the best educational experience we can is one such “rock” that we are holding firm to at this time. I know it is the thing that is sustaining many of our teachers through the challenges of remote learning! I also reflected that right at the moment we probably feel a bit like metamorphic rocks – those rocks in the layers of the earth that have come under pressure from the environment and have found themselves permanently transformed as a result. Personally, I think metamorphic rocks are some of the most beautiful; the lines and complexities they bear are reflective of their experiences but also make them attractive and interesting. Perhaps this current pressure that we are all feeling will have the same effect on us once it is over!!

I am pleased to report that the deep cleaning of the School is progressing well. The initial site analysis revealed a very high level of cleanliness across the School which was evidence that the procedures around hand hygiene and general sanitisation are working very effectively. We are still on track for the site to re-open for supervised remote learning and before and after school care from Monday.

Thank you all for everything you are doing to support our girls at this time. It is far from ideal but I really appreciate the patience and effort of everyone across our community to make the best of the situation!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes