As usual, the Lowther Hall community has adapted to this week’s new reality of Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions quickly and effectively. There is now only a skeleton staff on site in Leslie Road to supervise those students who are learning at school and to maintain essential school operations. These are difficult times for all students, but I am particularly conscious of our VCE girls, for whom 2020 is such a significant year. I was delighted, therefore, that today the Victorian Minister for Education, James Merlino, confirmed that there will be additional measures in place to assess the impact of COVID-19 on each Year 12 student and that this will be factored in to the calculation of their score for tertiary admission. I know that the Premier, the Education Minister and those at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority all have the Year 12 cohort very much in their minds when thinking through restrictions and their impact.

Perhaps more than ever in these times it is important to look for the things in life that can bring a smile and lift our spirits. I have a friend who navigates serious chronic illness but despite this, shares a “silver lining” every day of the year – something that has made her smile as she has gone about her life and work. I find it quite inspiring.  When I sent cards to the Prep girls for their 100 Days of School and to the Year 3 girls to celebrate their study of handwriting last week, I did not anticipate that I would receive responses that would bring me such joy! Opening handwritten letters and cards from the girls is such a delight, and a lovely way to stay in touch. This has been a “silver lining” for me this week! I hope that you too, despite the challenges we are all facing right now, are able to celebrate some “silver linings of your own” in the coming days. I know that the girls will continue to provide them for me as they continue to share their learning, leading and laughter in the weeks ahead.