This week I am celebrating our amazing teachers! When I think about the way in which they have transformed their entire way of working to be able to deliver everything remotely, I am truly in awe. These remarkable professionals have not only found ways to deliver work and learning tasks to the girls but have also developed new methods for the submission of student work and the delivery of feedback. They have mastered new platforms and applications and have adjusted their classroom environments, and the management of them, to the virtual context. In addition, they have reworked curriculum and assessment to take account of the different delivery mode and developed new learning activities to make the most of the home environment. I was particularly impressed this week to “visit” our Head of Health and Food Studies as she prepared for one of her classes. Her home has been transformed into a virtual television studio, with a camera positioned above her own kitchen bench so that girls can “zoom in” to her demonstrations from a birds eye view! I know that this is just one example of the ways in which our staff are going above and beyond. 

This week, I have also seen staff working to deliver special experiences to the girls via the remote platforms. This started with the incredible online music camp last Friday with a wonderful array of masterclasses and the opportunity for our students to interact with a number of industry experts. Similarly, we had two astronauts visit a senior school science class during this week. It is wonderful to see staff taking the opportunity to think about ways in which the virtual learning mode can provide girls with experiences that are usually beyond their reach – an unexpected benefit of this challenging situation! 

Usually, if an industry were to transform its work practices, it would take a number of years, a great deal of time and a substantial financial investment. In 2020 at Lowther Hall we have seen a remarkable evolution and adaption happen almost overnight! How fortunate we are to have our girls’ learning in the hands of such dedicated, creative and flexible professionals! I know that you share my appreciation of them and all they are accomplishing with our girls. 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes