This week has had its share of ups and downs and today many members of our school community tuned in to the webcast of Mrs Cathy Moloney’s funeral where we had the opportunity to celebrate her life and the enormous contribution she made as a Lowther Hall teacher. The COVID-19 conditions are making many aspects of life challenging this year and the grieving process is just one of those things that is not straightforward right now. Similarly, the celebration of Father’s Day this year will be difficult for some families where being physically present with fathers or father figures will not be possible and zoom catch ups or telephone calls will have to suffice. For some, Father’s Day is always complex, either because we have lost a father or because the relationship is difficult or strained. I know that you will join me in extending special thoughts to those members of our school community who will struggle on Sunday because of these circumstances.

Earlier this week I shared with the Senior School girls, a new COVID obsession that I have developed, which is watching the Peregrine Falcons that are nesting on the building at 367 Collins St in the CBD. If you haven’t seen the livestream, it can be viewed at Mum and Dad Falcon are looking after 3 eggs which were laid in August and which will hatch, I imagine, in October. The two parent birds take turns keeping their precious cargo warm or flying out to find food and I am impressed with their commitment and patience as they fulfil their mothering and fathering duties. My fascination with them reminds me of my relationship with my own father, who is largely responsible for my love of the outdoors and the natural world, and for my appreciation of birds in particular. Whilst I have not been able to see much of Dad this year (he is in Beechworth) his influence on my life can still be felt very strongly in my interests and passions and (my mother tells me) in a number of my mannerisms. On Sunday I know that many of you, like me, will be celebrating the fathers or father figures who have influenced your or your daughter’s lives, who have shown patience and commitment in their raising of you and who have had a role in assisting you to be the person that you (or your daughter) is. Also on Sunday, I am sure that we will all be interested to hear from our Premier, Daniel Andrews, about a plan for the coming weeks. In the event that we have an indication of anything that might effect how Term 4 will look in relation to schooling, I will be in touch! In the meanwhile, continue to go gently. 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes