As we head into the final weeks of term, people external to the School often comment to me that it must be great that things are winding down!! At Lowther Hall, however, this is far from being the case! We are in full swing! This week the Piano Festival has been underway with girls across all parts of the School participating in recitals and special events to celebrate all things piano! On Monday Ms Healy and I spent the day working with the 2021 Prefects to plan the forthcoming Celebration Day which takes place for the rest of the School next week. On Tuesday I was privileged to commission the 2021 Senior School Captains, who join the already commissioned Prefect Body in leading the 2021 students in a range of faculties, sports, musical ensembles and activities. From Wednesday I enjoyed seeing many Blinkbonnie and Raymond House girls for their birthdays – a tradition that was on hold during our COVID-19 restrictions. The delight of the girls in undertaking their visits to the Mansion has been heart-warming and we have enjoyed chatting about their final weeks of school. On Thursday it was Moving Up Day and there was palpable excitement emanating from the girls as I walked around to see them in their new classes for next year. On Friday I was proud to be with our Year 6 girls as they began rehearsing for their Celebration event, which is being filmed next week. I have very much enjoyed working with this cohort as they have prepared their speeches for this special occasion. Another highlight of the week has been finalising the filming for our Carols Service, which will be shared with the girls next Thursday afternoon, and released to the broader school community next Thursday evening. I do commend it to you and encourage you to watch it if you can! It certainly is a time of great excitement and energy as we head towards the end.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes