Whilst it is disappointing to be back in lockdown, I am extremely grateful to the staff, students and families for their ongoing flexibility and goodwill as we move into remote learning again. In my own Year 7 class on line this morning, I marvelled at the way in which the girls quickly adapted to a zoom environment for the presentation of their group projects about the work of the Australian Himalaya Foundation and were able to utilise the technology to support them in sharing their work with their peers. We are so fortunate to have the IT infrastructure and staff expertise to enable so many of our classes and other activities to continue virtually uninterrupted, despite the challenges of not being physically together! The reality of life is that in any circumstances, if we are prepared to look, we can find a silver lining. For me, as we move back into remote mode, the silver linings include: being reminded of the resilience of our community; some additional time at home to appreciate where I live; less traffic and cleaner air as a result; being able to attend some meetings and events in other parts of the city without having to factor in travel time! I hope that you and your family can find some silver linings as you, too, navigate this latest lockdown!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes