Despite the School being in “remote mode” there has been much happening as usual. In addition to the daily learning for the girls, other members of the Lowther Hall Community have been working behind the scenes in online meetings, planning sessions or workshops. Two groups that have been particularly industrious are the Parents and Friends’ Association and the School Council. As you would be aware, the PFA has its Annual General Meeting on Monday evening (via zoom) and the Committee has been preparing reports for this. Year Level Representatives are continuing to reach out to parents and keep families connected and many individuals are involved in detailed planning for the Twilight Festival which takes place at the end of the year. I am incredibly grateful for the energy, commitment and dedication of these individuals who are forging on with an optimistic mindset for the benefit of our community.

The School Council undertook a day of (remote) professional learning and strategic planning last Saturday, which saw them working through scenarios pertaining to child safety and risk management as well as the National Redress Scheme. In addition to some self-paced reading and learning, the group came together for an extended zoom meeting in the afternoon to discuss their morning’s work and then to review the School’s five year financial plan and strategic priorities. At the beginning of the term, the staff and invited guests had the opportunity to recognise the incredible work of our outgoing Chair of Council, Mr Peter Cannan. Peter’s time as Chair has not only seen the delivery of projects including Blinkbonnie House, the acquisition of property to enable the redevelopment of the Raymond House grass area and the refurbishment of the Joan M. Garde Cultural Centre balcony, but in the last 18 months has seen him lead the School through one of its most challenging times. I am so grateful to Peter, and to all of our volunteer School Councillors, for their ongoing willingness to devote time and energy to the good governance of Lowther Hall – a true demonstration of non nobis solum. 

I hope that we will all be back onsite together soon but in the meanwhile, we continue to make the best of the circumstances in which we find ourselves! 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes