A strategy that we encourage the girls to use in order to promote feelings of positive well-being, is to focus on things they are grateful for.  The simple practice of stopping each day to identify moments that have gone well or to celebrate interactions or activities that have made us feel good can contribute to an overall feeling of happiness and build our satisfaction with life.  The end of Term 2 also provides a good opportunity to reflect on the many things we are grateful for which have occurred during the last 11 weeks.  I am grateful for the wonderful work of our teachers and support staff who have continued to go out to their way to make the Lowther Hall experience the best that it can be for our girls and families. I am grateful for the many opportunities our students have had this term to represent our school – in music, in sport, in various competitions and festivals and in community events such as ANZAC services.  I am grateful for the feedback I have received from parents which allows us to ensure that we can strive for continuous improvement.  And most of all, I am grateful for our girls – for their courage, determination, energy, enthusiasm, openness, persistence and their warmth.

I wish all families the very best for the forthcoming non-instruction period.