Thank you to parent Mrs Lucy Allison who sent this beautiful photo of a rainbow above the mansion which she took this week. It is a reminder that it is always worth stopping to look around us so that we can see the beauty in the world.   

Sleep Forum Reminder   

I hope that many of you will be able to join me at the forthcoming Parent Forum about sleep on Thursday 20 August - further details are available in this Bulletin. The Parents and Friends Association will be hosting a cup of tea or coffee following the Forum for those who would like to stay for a chat.   

Uniform Update

  • Tracksuit Pants    

The trial of the new tracksuit pants has now finished with a great deal of positive feedback from students. Our uniform supplier has been asked to put the new tracksuit pants into ongoing production so that there can be continuous supply.    We thank you for your participation in the trial and hope that the girls enjoy wearing the new pants.   

  • Warm “Shell” Jackets for Junior School Students    

In response to parent feedback our uniform supplier has now commenced production of the warm “soft shell” jackets in small sizes appropriate for Junior School girls.    We expect that these will be available for purchase in a few weeks. I thank parents for their patience in waiting for these warmer tops.