At Lowther Hall the physical, emotional and social safety of our girls is vitally important to everyone. We have policies and practices in place which support our commitment to child safety and also foster a culture which seeks to be proactive in creating a secure environment for the students, for example, our recruitment practices, OH & S requirements and mandatory reporting policies.

This week in Senior School Assembly and Junior School Together on Friday I have been reminding the girls of our commitment to their safety. The slide below is one that was used with the older girls to facilitate discussion about the ways in which they can work together with the school to promote safety for members of our community who have different needs, come from different backgrounds, hold different views or want to have a voice. The girls were reminded that we all contribute to making this a safe place through our actions, words and attitudes. They have also be encouraged to speak up and tell a trusted adult if they feel unsafe at any time. I know that many parents will want to reinforce these concepts at home and I thank all members of our community for working with us to ensure that Lowther Hall continues to be a safe place for all.