Lowther Hall Facebook Page

The School recognises the importance of social media tools as a mechanism for members of the School Community and the greater public to engage and share information on the School and its related activities or achievements. Therefore, during the Term 3 break, the School will be launching its new official Facebook page. The purpose of this page will be to: 

  • Promote student achievements and aspects of interest/innovation to School Community, through photos and engaging news items 
  • Keep the School Community updated with upcoming event information 
  • Maintain and encourage the connection between the Lowther Hall Community and the School 
  • Celebrate and market past student achievements
  • Build the profile of the School 

To ensure understanding about the ways in which the School will use Social Media, parents may find the document Lowther Hall Social Media Policy and Guidelines at www.lowtherhall.vic.edu.au/our-school/our-values/p...

If you have any questions, please contact the Communications Manager, Ms Lauren McKendry, on 9325 5000 or email mckendryl@lowtherhall.vic.edu.au

Father’s Day Breakfast 

I am looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day with girls and their special guests tomorrow morning at the School. Dads and male mentors play such an important role in the raising of girls and I thank all of the fathers in our school community who support their daughters to develop the skills and values that will assist them in the adult world. 

Summer Uniform Changeover 

A reminder that for the final two weeks of Term 3, we have an optional changeover period as the girls transition to summer uniform. Students can make an informed decision about whether to wear summer or winter uniform for the final days of Term 3 and the first week of term, however full summer uniform must be worn from Week 2 in Term 4. Summer uniform items should be checked before they are worn to ensure that the various pieces are neat and correct and that dresses are the appropriate length (top of the knee) as girls are likely to have grown.