It is always especially delightful to return home when you have been away, and this has been my experience returning to Lowther Hall this term after visiting our sister school in Japan during the September break. I was privileged to travel with Ms Tracy Healy to join the Senior School study tour and celebrate our 20 year anniversary of connection with the Shin-Ai School. It was moving to meet with sister Nowata, now in her 90s, who, along with our own past principal, Ms Noelene Horton, established the connection between our schools and to participate in the various services, assemblies and ceremonies arranged to honour our longstanding partnership. A highlight was hearing the Shin-Ai choir sing 'Girls of Lowther Hall are We' which they had learnt especially for the occasion!

This week we undertook one of our own significant school rituals in our start of term whole school assembly where each Prep student presented each of our Year 12 girls with a gold rose, and they, in turn, gave her a gift of seeds. In this beautiful ceremony we not only acknowledged the important role the Year 12s have played in our school, but reminded the Prep girls, and all our current students, of the significant responsibility they have to uphold the traditions, values and culture of Lowther Hall. 

I look forward to a very positive term and particularly to seeing many families at the forthcoming Art and Design Exhibition and at the other special events planned for the weeks ahead.