Term 4 has started very positively, with the return of our Year 12 students to face to face classes and the start of the processes by which we recognise and farewell the class of 2021. At the whole school assembly on Wednesday, the girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 had the opportunity to watch the videos made by each prep girl, in which a flower was presented to each Year 12, along with words of encouragement and congratulations. This was a wonderful reminder of our K – 12 context and the older girls were, as always, impressed and captivated by their younger peers. This week I have commenced my traditional end of Year 12 meetings, during which Ms Healy and I hear from each student about the highlights of her journey and the experiences at school that have assisted her to develop the Qualities of the Lowther Hall Girl. It is always an enriching and proud time, to hear from the girls about what they have valued during their Lowther Hall journey. I am so confident that each student will leave school ready to make a positive contribution to the adult world, equipped with many skills and dispositions that will be useful and which will assist to make the world a better place.

In preparation for the return of students, we have undertaken an extensive audit of the campus to ensure that we can maximise ventilation. In the coming week, I will write with a detailed summary of the various measures that have been put in place, including the increase of natural ventilation across the campus, the employment of mechanical ventilation to bring additional fresh air into spaces and the installation of a number of air purifiers. We have engaged the support of a number of experts to assist us in this process and I am confident that the School is ready for staff and students to work and learn in an environment that will promote good health and safety in the COVID-19 context. I look forward to sharing more detail with you in the coming days.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes