We are delighted to share with our community another year of outstanding VCE results with 2021 continuing an upward trend in tertiary entrance ranking (ATAR) scores at Lowther Hall:

  • 74% of ATAR scores were 80 or more (top 20% of the nation) 
  • 43% of ATAR scores were 90 or more (top 10% of the nation) 
  • 20% of ATAR scores were 95 or more (top 5% of the nation) 
  • 5% of ATAR Scores were 99 or more (top 1% of the nation). 
  • The median ATAR score was 87.1. 
  • The 2021 Lowther Clarke Scholar (Dux) is Jessica Le achieving an ATAR score of 99.45. 
  • 20% of Study Scores were 40 or more (out of a possible 50). 
  • Perfect Study Scores achieved in English and Geography. 
  • Median Study Score was 35. 

Congratulations to each member of the Class of 2021 and the staff who have worked with them. They have demonstrated qualities of resilience and commitment to the pursuit of excellence and they have made our community incredibly proud of their hard work.