​We recently celebrated our 103rd birthday at our Founder Day Assembly! Our honoured guest and speaker was Mary Armour (Colwell, Class of 1943) who shared stories of her time at the School during the 1930s and 1940s.

​This week I was interviewed for a history that is being written about the school that both my mother and I attended. In preparation I re-read my school reports, looked through some of the magazines (the equivalent of the Lowther Hall Chronicle) and spoke to mum about her school experience.

​The Lowther Hall Values Statement affirms our commitment to “an orientation towards our future which embraces our Anglican context, our traditions and our past”. One of the rituals that provides us with an opportunity to live out this value is the annual Founder Day assembly, at which we celebrate the School’s “birthday”.

​Congratulations to Claudia Krake (Class of 2022) who has recently won the Snow Australia ‘Spirit of Interschools’ award for her work in developing snowsports programs and initiatives at Lowther Hall for our students last year.

​There is nothing like the sound of the girls’ voices to bring Lowther Hall to life! During January the operations team, maintenance staff and various contractors worked to prepare the buildings and grounds for the start of the year. There have also been several weeks of meetings, professional learning sessions, curriculum writing and classroom set up by the teachers, alongside the completion of the various start of year tasks by the administration and support staff. Despite all of this busy and important work, until the girls arrive, the school doesn’t quite feel quite right.

Our girls are back! What a wonderful start to Term 1 today, with lots of happy smiles and excited reunions between friends as well as our whole school assembly at which every new student and staff member to our community received their Lowther Hall bear. We look forward to an exciting and energetic year ahead.

VCE results rankings were released today and reflect the outstanding work of our girls and staff. Lowther Hall is ranked in the top 20 schools in Victoria, and #1 in Metropolitan Melbourne’s North and West. Congratulations to the Class of 2022, and their teachers!