Surprise! Our student cohort touched hearts last week with a surprise ‘Thank You’ video to all staff at Lowther Hall. Over 13 minutes long, the video was produced as part of a Prefect Body initiative, and we have organised this short snippet to show you. We are grateful for all of our girls at Lowther Hall!

​This week it has been joyous to once again hear the sound of girls in the grounds and buildings of Lowther Hall as we have welcomed our Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Year 12 and some Year 11 students back on site. Girls have adjusted seamlessly to the new routines of sanitising, handwashing, temperature testing and distancing and have very much enjoyed seeing each other and their teachers again.

There was excitement in the air this morning as our Prep, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 12 students returned to Lowther Hall! We look forward to welcoming the rest of the students over the coming days. It’s great to have you back, girls!

​In my Year 8 class last week, we reflected on blessings – and even wrote some of our own. Similarly in my Year 7 Tangara class, we have been reflecting on the people we are thankful for who have supported us throughout the last few months.

Centenary Celebrations Begin! Launch of the New History, Founder Day Assembly, Lowther Women Centenary Luncheon, Lowther Hall's First Students

​This week our remote learning has continued and I have enjoyed visiting many Raymond House girls in their Home Groups every morning. Many girls across the School have been preparing for Mother’s Day in different ways.

​This week has seen the re-introduction of the cocurricular program in “remote” mode and we have received a great deal of positive feedback from girls and families about the joy of participating in their regular activities. I know that girls have been up early running, dancing and playing their instruments and I am sure that this has brought a great deal of colour and movement to households!

Did you know? We have a new sister school in South Africa! In early March, six students from Years 11 and 12 joined our Principal, Ms Elisabeth Rhodes, Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School, Ms Tracy Healy and Year 10 Coordinator, Ms Liza Hiles on a trip to St Mary's Anglican Girls' School in Johannesburg, to consolidate our new connection. We look forward to welcoming students from St Mary's to Lowther Hall in the future!

In Modern Theatre Styles this week students our Year 9 students were set the task of recreating a famous piece of artwork from which to develop a scripted performance. Upon selecting the work, the girls were tasked with outlining the key features and intended effect on the viewer. Students then identified and set about locating items and objects in their homes they could use to reconstruct the image. They certainly demonstrated their resourcefulness, creativity and imagination in meeting the challenge in their home setting.

Our Year 12 girls got a nice surprise when they came to the School on Saturday to collect some class materials and their Term 1 report - their long awaited Year 12 "hoodie", delivered drive-thru style by Ms Healy, Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School, and Ms O'Brien, Year 12 Coordinator. It was a great chance for a quick catch up through the car window!