This week as I write, the sounds of the Lowther Singers rehearsing for the Story of the Cross and the Easter Eucharist can be heard across the campus – it is truly beautiful! It has been another busy week at the School and I have been particularly thrilled to be able to participate in a number of face to face meetings with groups who have been convening via zoom for many months!

This week I travelled to Canberra to attend a two day briefing for principals of Independent Schools about the Health of the Nation. The Forum brought together a variety of speakers to reflect on specific aspects of the national landscape that are relevant to schools. I am delighted to share some of the key messages with you below.

Lowther women demonstrate for us how girls can occupy all sorts of spaces and flourish. With their wisdom, their life experiences, their mistakes and their recoveries, they provide a launching pad for our students so that they can have the confidence to continue to pursue their goals, challenge injustice and ultimately strive to make the world a better place through their contributions.

​Today I had the privilege of attending the Alliance of Girls’ Schools’ International Women’s Day Breakfast with four students from across Senior School. We not only had the opportunity to hear Lord Mayor Sally Capp and Georgie Crozier MP speak, but also enjoyed the opportunity to speak with students and staff from other girls’ schools around Melbourne.

In a week that has concluded with the escalation of conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, we have a sobering reminder that the world which we are equipping our young people to navigate is a complex one.

It has been a week full of joyous events at Lowther Hall as we come to the end of the 2021 school year. I was delighted to see record attendance and participation at the Senior School Swimming Sports on Monday as the girls relished the opportunity to be back in the pool.