11 October was the International Day of the Girl, a date that we certainly are excited to recognise at Lowther Hall. Of course, being a girls’ school, every day at Lowther Hall is the day of the girl, but the date provides an opportunity to reflect on some of the benefits of being part of a girls’ school community. To begin with, at a girls’ school, the wellbeing of girls is paramount. Girls typically feel a strong sense of belonging and have highly developed self-esteem and confidence. Their academic results are usually stronger than those of their counterparts in coeducational settings and they tend to better in mathematics and science. Also, in a girls’ school, teaching is tailored specifically to girls, they play more sport and lead every team and in fact, every leadership position is held by a girl. Many of these positives were reinforced for me during the last week when I have met with every Year 12 student to hear her reflections on her journey. Girls can clearly identify experiences they have had at Lowther Hall which have helped them to develop confidence, independence, a sense of belonging and the capacity to lead. I am so proud of our girls, and our girls’ school and I look forward to continuing to celebrate girls every day!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes