This week I hosted visitors from one of our partner organisations, the Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF), including a representative from Rural Education and Environment Development Centre (REED) Nepal and the youngest Australian to summit Mt Everest, Gabby Kanizay. Together with representatives from the Social Justice Committee we discussed the continuing partnership between Lowther Hall and the AHF and the ways in which we will be continuing to support projects in Nepal relating to education and conservation. Much of our conversation was in relation to the impact of climate change and the ways in which the funds we have raised this year have contributed to work with school students to improve their understandings of global warming and measures that can be taken to protect the environment in the Himalaya. I was also proud to share the work that our school has been doing in the environment space – both on an organisational level – such as the installation of solar panels across the School, or initiatives developed by the girls – including the recycling of bread tags to be made into wheelchairs, the establishment of a composting program or the litter free “nude food” Wednesdays in Raymond House. We are looking forward to the continuing work we will undertake with AHF to support educational and environmental priorities in Nepal – both issues close to our own School’s heart! Parents who are attending the end of year PFA luncheon will have an opportunity to meet Gabby Kanizay and hear a little more about the work of the AHF. Funds raised from the luncheon will be directed towards their continuing work. 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes