When 2022 commenced, we rejoiced in the fact that we could come back together as a school and be together, not only for learning, but to celebrate the various rituals and events that help us to mark the passing of time and the significant milestones within our community. We began with our commencement services and the dedication of our Year 12 and Year 6 students as leaders of our school. Then we came together to remember our founder, Archbishop Lowther Clarke at the Founder Day Assembly in February and soon after that, had our Centenary Sculpture installed with the associated ceremonies for girls, staff, parents and friends of the School. As the term unfolded, girls have relished their cross age connections through House events such as Athletics, Cross Country and House Performing Arts; through Mentor and Buddy Programs; or through the myriad of music and sport activities that bring them together to achieve shared goals. Now, as we come to the end of the term, there is much to look back at with pride – new or restored connections, increased knowledge and skill, confidence gained and projects completed. And on the very last day before the holidays begin, we gather as an Anglican school to celebrate Easter; that special time on the Christian calendar that is all about hope, optimism and love. In the context of our multifaith community we stop, together, to remember that as human beings we often fall short of all that we aspire to be; that at times we are not the best versions of ourselves; that we are capable of selfishness, exclusion, unkindness and greed but that despite these flaws, we can be forgiven and loved. What better message to be reminded of as we head into some time to slow down and recharge with family and friends. I wish all of our community members a safe and restful break and look forward to seeing the girls back at the start of Term 2!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes