It was wonderful to visit the Year 10 girls and their Year 11 leaders at their camp this week and to see the girls fully embracing the activities on offer, despite the changeable weather! On Monday the Senior School girls will all move up into their 2019 classes as part of the Early Commencement Program - an opportunity for trying new things and making new connections and a chance to get ready for all that lies ahead next year. Transition activities are underway across the rest of the School as well, and this week I am looking forward to catching up with the Year 1 girls as they prepare for their transition to Raymond House.

The Twilight Festival 

Months of planning and preparation will culminate in our 2018 Twilight Festival tomorrow evening! Many members of the Parents and Friends’ Association Committee and other generous parents are working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for the big night! I would like to acknowledge the many parents and other community members who have generously donated goods, sponsorship, services and their time to assist with this major fundraising event. We now hope to see many students, families and friends at the Festival; there is really something for everyone, young and old. The fun starts at 5.00pm and will hopefully end with a spectacular fireworks display over the Mansion at 9.00pm if the weather permits! 

Raymond House Production 

The Raymond House Production of Peter Pan Jnr, held last Saturday over two performances, was an enormous success. The cast comprised of students from Years 4 to 6 presented a beautiful and entertaining rendition of the classic tale and it was clear that all girls involved enjoyed the experience immensely. All cast members should be very proud of their commitment to the rehearsal process, the technical rehearsals and performance days. Congratulations also to the very generous parent team who designed and created the truly fabulous costumes, set and props. Finally, thank you to the Staff and Senior School Student Production Team who developed the vision for the show and who worked enthusiastically throughout the rehearsals to bring out the very best in the girls.