On Tuesday 11 February 2020, Lowther Hall celebrated its 100th birthday! To mark the occasion, every current student and staff member gathered in the Joan M Garde Cultural Centre to enjoy a special ceremony celebrating all those who have contributed to the incredible history of our school. Amongst our special invited guests were: Archbishop Philip Freier; past principals Noelene Horton and Carolyn Grantskalns as well as representatives from the families of past principals Joan Garde and Joan Blow; School Council members, the President of the Parents and Friends’ Association – Ms Laura Buna and Old Grammarians – including many past Prefects and School Captains. The ceremony ended with the unveiling of the Centenary Plaque by the Archbishop, the cutting of the birthday cake and the firing of festive streamers! It was a wonderful celebration and the girls have certainly expressed that they enjoyed the event very much. It is incredibly inspiring to remember that we stand within a long tradition of care and commitment which has assisted multiple generations of students to learn and thrive. As was observed during the proceedings, we are confident that the world is a better place because 100 years’ worth of Lowther Hall girls have been in it!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes