This week I have felt privileged to be able to touch base with so many families across the School during the Raymond House and Senior School Learning Conferences. It has been wonderful to “see” parents and girls and share our experiences of separation and remote learning. I appreciate the positive feedback that so many people offered about the learning that has been delivered for the girls and also about the Learning Conferences themselves. I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of the IT Department and the leadership of our Deputy Principal, Ms Tracy Healy and Director of Information Communication and Technology, Mr Pat Rossi in imagining, developing, testing and delivering a system that could work so well for us in such a short time.   

Girls from Years 2 to 12 were able to participate in one of two school ANZAC services today. Although we were not physically together on campus, it was lovely to be able to share the “virtual” service with their teachers and peers. 

Girls have also been informed about the RSL initiative “Light up the Dawn” which is taking place around the country tomorrow morning as part of the official ANZAC Day celebrations. If you are interested in participating, further information can be found at the RSL website or facebook page: