This week we had the final farewell to the class of 2020 – a cohort who have demonstrated incredible resilience throughout their very unusual Year 12 year. At their valedictory service on Wednesday, the girls carried a candle, lit from the altar candle, symbolically out into the world.  At Lowther Hall we say that our job is to educate young women so that the world might be a better place because they are in it, and I am confident that each one of these girls is ready to shine their particular light into the corners of the world as they make their way through it. I know that you will join me in wishing them every success.

Today marks another “first” at Lowther Hall – the launch of our Art and Design Exhibition, not in the Joan M Garde Cultural Centre, but virtually! This year’s exhibition is titled “Process”, and focusses on the ways in which girls have developed their skills and their work through reflection, revision and refinement. It is also apt, because the creation of the website to house the exhibition this year has allowed us to provide insights into the girls’ processes through access to interviews with the artists and links to a range of works at many year levels. The creation of the digital exhibition has also been a process that has allowed different members of staff to be engaged with the girls’ work and one that will hopefully facilitate broad engagement from across the whole Lowther Hall community. Thank you to all the staff who have worked so hard to bring this virtual experience to life: not just the Art staff, who have worked inspiringly with the girls this year under trying conditions, but also our IT staff, our Director of Marketing and Communications, Ms Lauren McKendry, our Digital Learning Consultant, Ms Sylvia Guidara and, most of all, Ms Alicia Jenkins, our School Events and Operations Coordinator, who has built the site and carefully curated all of the work onto it. I do hope that you will take the time to explore the exhibition in the coming days. I know you will love it!

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes