One of the joys of this time of year is assisting girls to prepare for the next stage of their journey, whether that is from school into the adult world, from home to school or from one year level to the next. This week I have enjoyed meeting with all the Year 1 girls to discuss their transition to Raymond House as Year 2 students. Not only have I been impressed with the girls’ capacities to speak about their learning from 2020, but I have also been delighted to hear about their enthusiasm and optimism for all that lies ahead. It is great to hear students embracing new opportunities with excitement and being willing to step into new things with the confidence that they will thrive.

Next week in Senior School girls in Years 7 to 11 will commence their 2021 subjects and meet many of their teachers for next year. In addition, there will be time for year level programs to commence and for special activities to be undertaken. On Thursday, Raymond House and Blinkbonnie House girls will also have their Moving Up Day where they, similarly, will meet their 2021 teachers and begin to acclimatise for their next year level. As the adults in the equation, we can all assist the girls by: talking positively about the next step, reminding them of the many qualities they have that will help them to embrace new situations, de-catastrophising normal issues that arise as part of a change process and helping with the practical organisation of requirements. In a year where so many opportunities have been removed, it is so good to have these positive and future oriented experiences take place. I look forward to walking alongside the girls at this exciting time. 

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes