There is nothing like the sound of the girls’ voices to bring Lowther Hall to life! During January the operations team, maintenance staff and various contractors worked to prepare the buildings and grounds for the start of the year. There have also been several weeks of meetings, professional learning sessions, curriculum writing and classroom set up by the teachers, alongside the completion of the various start of year tasks by the administration and support staff. Despite all of this busy and important work, until the girls arrive, the school doesn’t quite feel quite right. When the students arrived on Wednesday it was delightful to see the smiles and enthusiasm that they brought through the gates. At our Years 2 to 12 assembly we had the opportunity to formally welcome the many new students and staff and to start to foster the sense of belonging that we hope they will experience as part of the Lowther community. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet with Year 7, Kindergarten, Prep and Years 2 to 4 parents during this week and to celebrate the various stages of the journey that their girls are undertaking in 2023. When new girls or staff join Lowther Hall I always look forward to the perspective that they bring and the observations that they make as they observe our school with “fresh eyes”. This year, the word that has been used most frequently in my discussions with new members of the community is “welcome”. They tell me that they feel part of the place very quickly and find each person they encounter friendly and helpful. These days, we really understand and value community and I feel privileged to be part of such a positive and supportive team of families and staff at Lowther Hall. I look forward to the year ahead and to sharing the journey with you and the girls.

Ms Elisabeth Rhodes