​When I was in Canberra two weeks ago for the Anglican Schools Conference, a number of speakers addressed the theme of “awe and wonder” and the ways in which seeking experiences that evoke these responses in us can be positive for our mental health and for building our understanding of the world and each other.

​It has been great to welcome back to site our Year 9 cohort after their two-week ‘Our Place’ Humanities field trips. The ‘Our Place’ trips have been a part of our curriculum for over twenty years....

​In a recently published OECD report, the disciplinary climate in Australian schools was found to be one of the least favourable across the globe. In contrast the 2020 Alliance of Girls Schools’ Australia Report: The Girls School Edge: A comparison of outcomes for girls from single-sex and co-educational schools, cited PISA data from 2015 and 2018, which provides strong support for the contention that single-sex school students are more likely than co-educated girls to report experiencing learning environments in which they are able to fulfill their learning goals due to substantially lower amounts of disruption or distraction than their counterparts in co-ed schools.

This week at Lowther Hall we have been celebrating International Women’s Day in a variety of ways. On Wednesday, members of the Senior School Faith Committee shared their reflections on the role and representations of women in different religions.

We enjoyed a fantastic Lowther Women Luncheon event today, in recognition of International Women’s Day. Thank you to our panellists Prof Hon Jill Hennessy, Cr Samantha Byrne (Class of 2006) and Social Justice Prefect, Sinèad. To our past and present parents, students and staff who attended: thank you for your support of this event!

​This morning, Lowther Hall was represented by members of the Year 12 Business Management class at a breakfast hosted by the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia to celebrate International Women’s Day. The girls travelled to Queen’s Hall at the Victorian Parliament House and had the opportunity to hear from guest speaker, Dr Angelia Grant, Head of the Macroeconomic Conditions Division in the Australian Treasury.

​This week, while visiting the Year 8 students in Anglesea on camp, the girls persuaded me to give the rock climbing wall a go. As I made my way up, wondering whether my arthritic right knee was going to hold up, I remembered just what it feels like to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to put your trust in others. I didn’t quite make it to the top, but apparently I made it far enough for the Year 8s to be entertained.